Which Foods Start With the Letter C?

Foods that start with the letter “c” include cashew, cranberry, coconut, cilantro, chervil, cherry, cheese, chestnuts, chicken, cabbage, cake, calf liver, calf brains, cantaloupe, chub, chorizo, collard greens, clementine, clotted cream, cloves, citron, citrus, croissant, cucumber, cumin, curly endive, curly kale and currant. Other foods that start with “c” are carrots, cauliflower, catfish, celery, chayote, cod, cockles, corn, corn salad, cream, cream cheese, chili pepper, cinnamon and clam.

Corn salad, also called “mache” in France, is typically available at upscale restaurants. Also called lamb’s lettuce, it has a nutty taste and a more robust character than regular lettuce. It goes well with beets.

Chubs are fish that are often served smoked, which gives the skin a shiny golden color. Chubs are full of fine bones which some people dislike, but the flesh has a delicate oily flavor.

Chorizo is a sausage popular in both Spain and Mexico. In Spain, the pork that goes into the sausage is smoked, while in Mexico, the pork is fresh. It is excellent in soups and stews.

Chayote is called mirleton in Louisiana. It’s a pale green, pear-shaped fruit with a large, edible seed. It is often used as a vegetable and can be eaten cooked or raw.