What Are Some Foods That Reduce the Levels of Carbon Dioxide in the Blood?

The kidneys and lungs filter carbon dioxide from the body, and high levels normally indicate certain medical conditions, none of which is treated with food, according to Healthline and WebMD. Often, high carbon dioxide levels, or acidosis, indicate a lung or metabolic health condition.

Carbon dioxide, or bicarbonate, a natural waste product of the metabolic process, is carried to the lungs by the blood where it is exhaled, states WebMD and Healthline. When the metabolism or lungs are not working correctly, carbon dioxide builds up in the blood causing it to become more acidic. Kidney or liver disease causes low levels of carbon dioxide. Possible causes of high carbon dioxide levels include the overuse of antacids or other medications, heart disease and dehydration. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, fluid in the lungs or anorexia may also result in high carbon dioxide levels.

Taking oral sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, is appropriate when carbon dioxide levels are too low and a doctor prescribes the treatment, according to Healthline. Most often, doctors must find the cause of high carbon dioxide levels to treat the condition effectively. Depending on the cause, doctors may treat high carbon dioxide levels with medication, oxygen or a continuous positive airway pressure device. Recovery from acidosis is dependent on the underlying cause. If acidosis is suspected, prompt medical attention is required.