What Foods Are Disallowed in Phase 1 of the Ideal Protein Diet?

Foods that contain carbohydrates, sugar or fat that are not included in the list of permitted foods are disallowed during the first phase of the Ideal Protein Diet. Severely restricting simple and complex sugar intake is the primary key to phase one, according to PopSugar.

Forbidden vegetables include artichokes, avocados, beets, carrots and chickpeas. In addition, phase one excludes corn, olives, parsnips, peas and potatoes. Pumpkin, sweet corn, squash and yams are also banned.

Phase one of the Ideal Protein Diet is precise, requiring dieters to adhere to a meal plan of very limited food selections. Dieters should follow phase one strictly in order to lose weight on the diet.

The company suggests purchasing its breakfast options during the first phase, as well as lunches, which pair with two cups of allowed vegetables. Select vegetables include spinach, in addition to bell peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, kale and asparagus.

Dieters can prepare their own dinners, which should include an eight-ounce portion of protein and two cups of select vegetables. The eight ounces of protein can include fish, seafood, beef, poultry or pork. Veal, eggs and tofu are also permitted.

Between meals, dieters should stick to one Ideal Protein snack per day, along with a daily multivitamin.