What Foods Contain Xanthine?

Xanthine is found in beverages like coffee, tea and sodas, as stated by MedicineNet. This chemical is a purine, which is found in many foods.

Xanthines are found in certain foods that some people have difficulty processing. The condition known as Xanthinuria can lead to too much xanthine being present in the body. As a result, sufferers are at dramatically increased risk of developing kidney stones, gout and muscle disease. Medications may be used to help treat symptoms, but doctors recommend avoiding foods that contain xanthines in the first place, as stated by MedicineNet.

Xanthine is found in coffee, tea and cola drinks as well as substances like caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. Caffeine is found in chocolate and cocoa, while theobromine is present in cocoa, tea and foods containing these things. Theophylline is present in all of the above foods and beverages.

Taking care to eat a low-purine diet can help keep xanthine out of the body. Fatty and xanthine-rich foods should be avoided, while eating plenty of carbohydrates may help the body process uric acid. Drinking lots of water is also important. Between 8 and 12 cups of clear fluids daily may reduce the chance of kidney stone formation.