What Are Foods That Contain Vitamin B4?

Adrian Hancu/Moment Open/Getty Images

Vitamin B4 is found in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals that contain complex carbohydrates, and raw honey. Many herbs and herbal supplements also contain the vitamin.

Vitamin B4 is water soluble and is needed in order for the organs and the body to function properly. Vitamin B4 should be included in a healthy daily diet by eating the types of foods that contain this complex vitamin. Bananas, oranges and apples contain vitamin B4, and so do vegetables with green leaves, such as spinach and mustard greens. Herbs that contain vitamin B4 include cloves, hawthorn, jojoba, sage, yucca, ginger and golden seal.

Vitamin B4 is a vitamin that interacts with other vitamins and aids in boosting the body’s immune system and metabolism. The B4 vitamin helps to promote healthy cell formation and enhance normal cell growth. The vitamin also helps to keep blood sugar in balance, which helps reduce tiredness. Vitamin B4 is helpful in treating a variety of diseases and other health problems such as dyspepsia, ulcers, sinus problems and high cholesterol. People with a vitamin B4 deficiency may experience low blood glucose or anemia, various types of infections, failure to thrive or slow growth, digestive problems, nausea and a sensitivity to allergies.