Which Foods Contain Glucose?

All carbohydrates, such as sugar, pasta, fruits, rice, potatoes, legumes, bread, milk, yogurt and vegetables, are converted into glucose in the body. Other foods, such as fat and proteins, also provide energy to the body, but the main source of energy is from carbohydrates, as stated by GroupHealth.

Honey has about 38 percent glucose, as stated by 1Vigor. Potatoes provide the body with starch, which are molecules of glucose. Glucose is available in vegetables in the form of starch. Dairy products such as milk and yogurt contain lactose, which has one glucose molecule.

The human body converts 100 percent of the carbohydrates a person consumes into glucose, as stated by GroupHealth. This leads to elevated blood sugar levels quickly within two hours of eating. The amount of food a person eats and the composition of the food impacts sugar levels in the body. Typically, eating carbohydrates alone provides the body with excess glucose.

Glucose in required in the body to provide energy to all the cells. It is also used in the production of proteins and acts as a precursor for production of vitamin C. Low levels of glucose in the body may lead to impairment of psychological process that depend on mental effort, as stated by 1Vigor.