What Foods Can Cause a High Triglyceride Reading?

Foods that can cause a high triglyceride reading include starchy foods, sugary drinks and alcohol, according to WebMD. Other culprits are high-fat meats, baked foods, coconuts, honey and maple syrup.

The body turns starch in foods such as potatoes and pasta into triglycerides, explains WebMD. Individuals should consume less of these foods to keep their triglyceride levels in check. Starchy vegetables such as peas and corn can also increase triglyceride levels.

Alcohol raises triglyceride levels due to its high sugar content, reports WebMD. Alcoholic drinks have too much sugar, and doctors advise patients with high triglyceride levels to stay away from them. Patients should also stay away from other sugary drinks such as regular soda and sweetened tea.

Though honey and maple syrup are healthier than refined sugars, they can still raise triglyceride levels, notes WebMD. Individuals who want to reduce their triglyceride levels should cut back on all types of sugary sweeteners and treats.

Margarine and butter have too much trans fat, and this can raise a person’s triglyceride levels, explains WebMD. Individuals should use healthier alternatives such as olive oil, flax seed oil and canola oil when cooking. Individuals should also stay away from high-fat meat and only consume lean meat that has as little visible fat as possible. This is because high-fat meat has a lot of saturated fat, which can raise triglyceride levels.