What Food Do People Eat in Papua New Guinea?

Although a variety of modern foods is available in the more developed parts of the country, the traditional diet in Papua New Guinea is heavily vegetarian due to the greater availability of edible flora than fauna. However, a traditional diet in Papua New Guinea does contain the occasional meat dish, typically consisting of either chicken or pork. In some coastal areas or places near other bodies of water such as rivers, people adhering to more traditional ways of life also incorporate fish and shellfish into their regular diets.

Though Papua New Guinea is home to numerous native tribes who still live a relatively traditional lifestyle that includes a traditional diet of foraged native and cultivated foods such as coconut, rice, taro, yams, sago, sugarcane and breadfruit, the country’s rich abundance of natural mining resources has also led to development that has brought in immigrants from more industrialized nations in Europe and Asia. These immigrants have brought culinary traditions with them, and it is possible to find a wider variety of cuisines in Papua New Guinea than those that available from the flora and fauna native to the country. These immigrants are responsible for the importation of food goods such as cattle, potatoes and wheat.