How Do You Fold Down a Futon?

Zen Sekizawa/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Futons are furniture pieces that serve as both a bed and a couch. Ideal for cozy or cramped rooms, futons are reasonably priced and are offered in many stores appealing to customers with a variety of different budgets. Folding or unfolding a futon can be done quickly with no tools or special skills required.

  1. Give yourself room to move, and grab the back of the futon

    Pull the futon away from other furniture or walls to give yourself the necessary room to maneuver. Facing the back of the futon, grab the frame top with your hands. There are several ways to grasp the frame, such as placing both hands in the frame’s middle section or on the sides of the frame.

  2. Lift the back of the frame to unlock

    Pull the back of the futon upward until the point that you feel the back unlock from the frame. You typically have to lift the back only 1 or 2 inches before it unlocks.

  3. Walk backward, and let gravity do the work

    Step backward while at the same time lowering the back of the futon to the floor. Find the legs located in the back section of the futon, making sure they are fully extended and are flush with the floor to stabilize the futon. Center the mattress on the frame.