What Are Some Flowers That Start With the Letter “G”?

Some flowers that start with the letter “G” are geraniums, gillyflower, gentians, gerbera, goldenrod, gardenias, gaillardia, gaura, gazania, gladioli, gloriosa lilies, gypsophila and goat’s rue.

Gaura is also called the wandflower because its stems look like wands tipped with many delicate, star-shaped flowers. It’s also valued because it has a very long bloom time. It begins to bloom in the spring and continues blooming till the fall. It also tolerates drought. Gypsophila is also called baby’s breath. It has tiny pink or white flowers that look cloud-like at a distance. It’s often used to lighten bouquets. Gladiolus are huge, showy flowers borne on spikes.