What Are Flowers That Rabbits Don’t Like?

Daffodils, hardy geranium, epimedium, bee balm and peonies are some flowers that rabbits do not like to eat. Annuals, such as pelargonium geraniums, wax begonias, and ageratum, also top rabbits’ list of least-liked foods.

Rabbit-resistant flowers include astilbe, daylilies, foxgloves, salvia, Siberian irises and veronica as well as ornamental onion varieties sold as allium. Other plants considered to be rabbit proof include azaleas, butterfly bush, ice plants, lamb’s ears and snapdragons.

Gardeners should keep in mind that no plant is totally rabbit proof. It may be necessary to keep rabbits away from flowers by erecting a 2-foot chicken-wire fence or using spray-on rabbit repellent.