What Flowers Have Names That Begin With the Letter “K”?

There are more than 40 species of flowers with names that begin with the letter “K,” including the Kafir lily and Korean chrysanthemum. Some species are common household flowers, while others are more exotic and found in tropical climates and desert regions.

The Kafir Lily is a common indoor flower that is classified as a perennial. It requires partial sun to full sun exposure, and thrives in dry to slightly moist conditions. This species grows at an average rate, and it produces brilliant bright red to orange flowers upon reaching maturation. Kafir Lilies bloom in the early spring, although some bloom later and others a bit earlier, depending on the region and the prevailing temperature. They have green leaves and are relatively adaptable to a variety of soils.

The Korean Chrysanthemum is a flower-bearing perennial that blooms in early summer or late fall. It produces daisy-like buds in various shades of pink and purple. The Korean Chrysanthemum grows indoors and outside, and it prefers moist soil and partial sun to full shade.