What Do Flight Attendants Say Before Take Off?

Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Immediately before takeoff, flight attendants typically remind passengers to fasten their seat belts and prepare for takeoff. However, the procedures vary depending on the airline. In addition to this statement, there is a long list of things covered before a plane takes off. A flight attendant usually conducts a demonstration that covers this information.

Safety demonstrations go over the use of seat belts, oxygen masks, life vests and any floatation devices that may be on the plane. Passengers are also shown the “brace position” that is recommended in the event a plane crashes. In addition, the emergency exits are pointed out and passengers are notified of evacuation routes. By law, the passengers sitting in the rows where the emergency exits are located must be informed that they may be required to help the airline crew in the event of an emergency.

Other information that is discussed before or after the safety demonstration includes reminders that passengers must comply with lighted signs and instructions from the flight crew, and directions to store baggage in overhead compartments.

Every airline has a script for flight attendants to use before takeoff. However, the International Civil Aviation Organization and the Federal Aviation Administration have established laws that require U.S. flight crews to mention certain information before takeoff.