What Flavor of Jell-O Is Clear?

There is no clear Jell-O flavor. Clear gelatin can be purchased in powder, capsule or leaf form. Clear gelatin is tasteless until flavorings are added.

Jell-O varieties include strawberry, which is red in color; lemon-lime, which is green; and raspberry, which is a burgundy shade. In addition to flavored gelatin, Jell-O also offers puddings in flavors such as banana split, cinnamon rice, vanilla rice and butterscotch. Mousses include Key Lime Pie Temptations, French Silk Pie Temptations and Raspberry Cheesecake Temptations.

When using clear gelatin, it is important to note that a sheet of gelatin equals 3 teaspoons of gelatin powder. Leaf gelatin should be soaked in water for about five minutes, then removed from the water and dried to remove excess liquid.