How Do You Take Flat Screen TV Measurements?

Obtain the measurements of a flat screen television by recording the diagonal distance of the screen to determine its screen size, then the standard length and width of the front. Measure the depth of the display screen, as well as the size of the base and its overall weight, to complete the measurements.

The most common measurement used when referencing flat screen televisions is the screen size, which appears as a number of inches ranging anywhere from 17 to more than 60. The screen size refers to the visible display area of the television only, not the full size of the unit. To find the screen size, place a tape measure at the lower left corner of the screen and stretch if across the center to the upper right corner, eliminating any slack or curves in the tape. Make sure to restrict the measurements at the inside of the bezel to avoid an incorrect measurement.

After recording this number, measure the distance again, including the bezel, to find the entire diagonal distance. Measure the unit from top to bottom and side to side, including the bezel, to determine its overall footprint. Finally, measure the depth of the television from the front of the screen to the furthest protruding point on the back. Make sure to include the television’s aspect ratio with the screen size.