What flag is black with a horizontal blue stripe?


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A black flag with a horizontal blue stripe represents mourning for law enforcement. It is called the "thin blue line," one of many flags used to communicate different events and circumstances.

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What flag is black with a horizontal blue stripe?
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Different groups of first responders and military groups have their own flags to represent mourning. Some of these include:

  • Thin red line: Firefighters
  • Thin orange line: EMS and Search and Rescue
  • ������
  • Thin green line: Park Rangers and Border Patrol Agents
  • ����
  • Thin silver line: Correctional Officers
  • ����
  • Thin yellow line: Security Officers
  • ����
  • Thin white line: EMS
  • ����
  • Thin blue line with a lightning bolt: SWAT
  • ����
  • Thin tiger stripe line: United States Air Force
  • ����
  • Thin blue camouflage line: United States Navy
  • ����
  • Thin green camouflage line: United States Army

Flags of different colors and designs are often used to communicate when out on the open sea. A white flag with a red diamond in the middle signals that the boat or ship is disabled and needs help. A blue flag with a white stripe down the middle signals that the boat is carrying dangerous cargo and is on fire. A boat or ship with a yellow flag that has a blue stripe down the middle is having difficulty steering. A flag made up of a red triangle and a yellow triangle signals that there is a man overboard.

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