How Do I Fix a Zipper That Is Stuck in Fabric?

Jeff Schear / Stringer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To fix a zipper that is stuck in fabric, locate the obstruction, pull the fabric free with a pin, cut stubborn threads with a razor blade, and lubricate the zipper track. This 20-minute procedure requires a straight pin, a razor blade, work gloves and a thin wax candle.

  1. Locate the obstruction

    Locate the fabric obstruction, and position the zipper so that the stuck fabric faces up.

  2. Free the fabric with a pin

    Put on work gloves, and use a straight pin to extricate the fabric from the zipper teeth. If the zipper has pierced the fabric, lift the cloth up and over the teeth. Do not pull on the fabric, because doing so often bends the zipper track.

  3. Cut stubborn threads with a razor blade

    If some fabric remains stuck in the zipper, cut the threads with a razor blade. Work carefully to avoid cutting the zipper itself. Move the razor in one direction only, and use light strokes.

  4. Lubricate the track

    Rub the bottom of a thin candle over the zipper track, concentrating on the area with the fabric obstruction. Gently open and close the zipper several times. If the mechanism moves roughly, add more wax, and manipulate the zipper until it moves smoothly.