How Do You Fix a Waterlogged Pressure Tank?

Repair a waterlogged pressure tank by turning off the power, draining the tank and forcing air into it with a compressor, closing the valve and restoring power to the tank. Once it fills with water, it is ready for service.

  1. Turn off the power

    Locate the circuit breaker that controls the pump, and turn it to the off position. With this switch off, you can drain the tank without the pump adding more water to the tank.

  2. Drain the tank

    Open a faucet near the tank, and allow the water to drain. Attach an air compressor to the tank, and turn on the compressor to drain the rest of the water from the tank.

  3. Add air pressure to the tank

    Close the faucet and continue operating the air compressor until the gauge on the pressure tank reads 20 pounds per square inch. Turn off the air compressor, and disconnect it from the tank.

  4. Turn on the pump

    Turn the pump circuit breaker to the ON position. Allow the pump to operate until it shuts off on its own. Open a faucet near the tank, and allow the water to run until the pump starts again. Once the pump completes its cycle to build pressure, the tank is ready to return to service.