How Do You Fix Vapor Lock?

Vapor lock can be fixed by installing insulation on the fuel lines of a vehicle or adding a vent to the engine compartment. Another solution involves insulating the fuel pump with specialty blankets designed to keep the temperature cool, reducing the risk of overheating.

A popular homemade fix to vapor lock involves placing wooden clothespins on the fuel lines. The clothespins absorb the heat that turns gasoline into vapor by creating a heat sink. When the temperatures are hot and overheating is a risk, the clothespins prevent the temperature from rising enough to create a vapor lock.

A clear sign of vapor lock occurs when the vehicle stalls because gasoline has turned to vapor. Although excessive engine heat can contribute to vapor lock, the primary culprit of the problem lies within the engine compartment. Adding insulation, either store-bought or homemade with clothes pins, to the fuel lines and fuel pump transfers the excess heat to the insulation versus the fuel pump, thus preventing vapor lock from occurring. Creating a vent for the engine compartment also transfers the heat that is the primary cause of gasoline turning to vapor so that it does not overheat the engine, fuel lines or fuel pump.