How Do You Fix a Toilet Bowl That Does Not Refill?

To fix a toilet bowl that does not refill after flushing, ensure that the water is turned on and the fill valve is functioning properly. Fill valves can either be repaired with a kit or fully replaced.

To troubleshoot a toilet bowl that does not refill:

Step 1: Check the water supply line.

Ensure the water supply line is functioning properly.

Step 2: Check the float cup.

Raise the float cup if it is set on the lowest setting.

Step 3: Check the lever arm.

Ensure the top cap lever arm is not hitting the refill tube or side of the tank. Remove the top cap and readjust the arm to keep it away from the tank side and refill tube.

Step 4: Check the float for deposits.

Built-up mineral deposits can cause the float to stick. Wipe off the assembly with a damp rag and a cleaner or vinegar.

Step 5: Check the seal.

A broken top cap seal should be replaced for the float to work properly. To remove the cap assembly for repairs:

  • Turn off the water.
  • Flush the toilet.
  • Push up the float cup.
  • Twist the lever arm and cap about 1/8 of a turn.
  • Pull off the cap assembly.

After removing the top assembly, replace the seal, which should be readily available at most hardware stores.