How Do You Fix a Leaky Sillcock?

Repair a leaking sillcock by rebuilding it with a repair kit. The process requires shutting off the water to the outlet, dismantling the sillcock, installing new parts and reassembling the unit. This process should take less than 30 minutes.

  1. Turn off the water

    Look for a valve inside the house or basement near the leaking sillcock to turn off the water. If no valve is located, turn off the supply at the water main leading into the home.

  2. Rebuild the sillcock

    Remove the bonnet-collar nut that holds the stem in place. Turn the handle counter-clockwise to remove the stem from the unit. Remove the retaining screw from the stem washer, and lift the washer out of place. Install a new stem washer and retaining screw from the kit. Examine the packing washer under the bonnet nut. If it shows sign of wear, remove the handle and bonnet-collar nut from the stem, and replace the washer. Insert the stem in the outlet and turn it clockwise to tighten. Tighten the bonnet-collar nut.

  3. Repair the vacuum breaker

    Frost-free faucets have a vacuum breaker that sometimes leaks. Stop this leak by gently prying the flat cap from the top of the sillcock and unscrewing the retainer. Clean the parts and reassemble.

  4. Test for leaks

    Turn on the water and test for leaks. If the unit continues to leak around the stem, tighten the bonnet-collar nut.