How Do You Fix an Ice Pack Burn?

In order to alleviate an ice pack burn, the skin must be warmed gradually, according to Women’s Health Encyclopedia. The skin of the affected area needs to be soaked in warm water, or warm compresses can be applied. Blankets wrapped around the affected limb can help restore feeling to the area.

According to Women’s Health Encyclopedia, the temperature of the warm water used must not exceed 108 degrees Fahrenheit. The recommended time to soak the burn is 20 minutes. A tingling sensation may be felt, and the skin may turn red as the burn starts to defrost.

Blistering can occur just as for a burn caused by heat, Women’s Health Encyclopedia says to minimize infection from blisters, excessive tissue must be removed before a bandage is applied to the area. Gauze bandages and an antibiotic ointment are used to dress blisters. Petroleum jelly keeps the area moist and free of infection.

If the recipient of an ice pack burn or frostbite does not experience a tingling sensation, his skin color does not return to a pinkish hue, or a burning sensation is not felt when warmed, the condition may have affected the muscles or blood vessels, Women’s Health Encyclopedia cautions.