How Do You Fix the Handle on the Bottom Freezer of a Maytag Refrigerator?

For fixing a flat handle or horizontal handle with set screws on the bottom freezer of a Maytag refrigerator, remove and replace the old screws securing the handle. If the handle has no set screws, tighten the handle studs on the freezer door and keyhole plates on the handle.

If the bottom-mounted freezer of a Maytag refrigerator has a flat handle, open the freezer door and unscrew the screws securing the handle. To replace worn-out screws, position and line up the handle with the mounting holes, thread the new screws and tighten with a Philips screwdriver.

If it is a horizontal handle with set screws, pry off the plugs covering the set screws on the lower end of the handle with a utility knife. Remove the screws with a hex wrench, and pull the handle off. To replace worn-out screws, loosen the two handle studs on the freezer door by turning clockwise with a hex wrench. Push the handle over the handle studs, thread the new screws and tighten with hex wrench. Push the plugs over the screws.

To fix a horizontal handle with no set screws, slide the door handle in a direction opposite to the door hinge, and pull it off. Tighten the handle studs on the door with a hex wrench and the keyhole plates on the handle with a Philips screwdriver. Line the handle over the studs, push it in place and secure by sliding in the direction of the door hinge.