How Do You Fix the Error Code F51 on a Maytag Washer?

Maytag error code F51 indicates a rotor position sensor failure, and most often, this signals a connection problem between the sensor and the control board. The problem must be pinpointed through troubleshooting in order to diagnose and repair it.

Owners should always disconnect appliances from the power source before servicing them and check warranty specifications to avoid forfeiting coverage. The first step in troubleshooting this problem is to check the connections on the back of the control board. The next step is to clean any contacts and ensure a proper connection before replacing the board and turning the power back on. If the error code is still present, it is time to check the sensor itself.

After disconnecting the power once again, owners should access the rotary position sensor, unplug it, clean all connections and check wires. After cleaning and inspecting, owners should plug the sensor back in and turn on the machine. Sometimes this step remedies the problem. The sensor should be checked for electrical continuity with a voltmeter. If the sensor is bad, it needs to be replaced. Appliance repair shops and online marketplaces offer replacement parts for Maytag washers for those who want to do the work themselves.

People who are unfamiliar with appliance repair may want to consult a professional repair service to perform the troubleshooting steps and any subsequent repairs.