How Do You Fix Cavities in the Front Teeth?

The most common way to fix a cavity in the front teeth is to see a dentist for a filling. The decay that caused the cavity will be removed by the dentist and is typically filled with a tooth-colored resin, according to Live Science.

If a cavity on one of the front teeth is large, a dentist might choose to place a crown or a cap on the tooth instead of placing a filling. Cavities can make the teeth weak, and in the case of a large one, the crown can help to strengthen the teeth. Another option for people who develop cavities in their front teeth is a root canal, though this is typically reserved for teeth that become infected due to the decay.

Prevention is the best way to avoid cavities, and people can do a number of things to keep their teeth healthy. Avoiding foods high in sugar, drinking a lot of water, brushing and flossing can all help to prevent cavities. Seeing the dentist a minimum of two times a year is also a good way to keep decay at bay. Talking to a dentist about dental sealants, a substance that covers the surface of the tooth, can also keep cavities from forming.