How Do You Fix a Broken Glove Compartment Latch?

Fixing a broken glove compartment latch requires removing the glove box and replacing the locking mechanism. The locking mechanism is generally comprised of a small latch, and it requires a basic set of hand tools to replace.

The glove box is generally removed when servicing the interior accessories of a vehicle, such as the pollen filter. When these units are constantly removed, the locking mechanism can break, causing the latch to remain open or jam. Another issue can occur when the tabs of the glove box break. The tabs are used with the key in order to open the box and when the tabs fail, the glove box will not be able to open.

The following instructions explain how to safely repair a glove box with a broken latch.

  1. Open the glove box
  2. Open the glove box to gain access to its mounting hardware. Loosen the bolts that secure it and safely lower the glove box.

  3. Access the locking mechanism
  4. The locking mechanism will be held in place with several screws, loosen them and remove it.

  5. Install the new locking mechanism
  6. Compare the new locking mechanism with the old and ensure they are the same components. Once affirmed, mount the new mechanism to the glove box.

  7. Reinstall the glove box
  8. Mount the glove box back to its original position and close it.