How Do You Fix an Access Violation at Address Error?

Fix an access violation at address error by installing Windows updates, turning hardware acceleration off, reinstalling the application that is causing the error and restoring the system to a previous point in time. If using Windows XP, Server 2003 or 2000, fix the error by installing the 927891 update by Microsoft.

Once on the page for the access violation error, select the Windows version you use, sign into your Microsoft account, click Download, and install the update. This is likely to fix the problem if the error message states the access violation occurs in the Svchost.exe process or if it happens when Windows Update is running.

If you get the error when using an application that relies on hardware acceleration, turning the feature off may fix the problem. To do so, right click on the Desktop, select Screen Resolution, and click Advanced Settings. Navigate to the Troubleshoot tab, click Change Settings and move the Hardware Acceleration slider towards None. Click OK, and restart your computer.

If the error only occurs with a specific application, reinstalling it may help. Click the Start button on the bottom left, click Control Panel, and open Programs. Click Programs And Features, select the application from the list below, and click Uninstall. Once uninstalled, reinstall the application by running its installer. Some applications allow you to reinstall them from the Programs And Features window by displaying a Repair button next to Uninstall.

If the error has been occurring only recently, you can use the System Restore tool to restore the system to a previous point in time to reverse the change that triggers the error. To do so, click Start, and type System Restore to the search box. Click System Restore, and follow the instructions. The application may ask for your administrative account password.