How Do You Get Five Wishes for Free?

Lesley Magno/Moment/Getty Images

A free sample of the “Five Wishes” booklet is available to fill out online for free at the Five Wishes website, an off-shoot of the Aging With Dignity website. The fee for ordering a physical copy of the booklet online is five dollars, or one dollar if 25 or more copies are ordered.

“Five Wishes” is the name of a simplified document used by many people as a living will. It differs from a living will in that it is written in such as way as to encourage open dialogue between the person and their caregivers, family members and friends. The document contains statements with blank endings to allow users to dictate who is to care for them, the type of medical treatment that they want or do not want, the comfort level they desire, how they wish to be treated by others and what they want their loved ones to know about them.

The document is produced by the Aging With Dignity organization to help encourage people communicate their wishes regarding their care should they be unable to communicate when they become seriously ill. There is also a version for children to complete, titled “My Wishes.” It allows children to tell their families how they wish to be treated should they face a critical illness.