What Are the Five Best Sites to Watch Free Streaming Boxing Fights?

Spike.com and ESPN.go.com allow users to stream free boxing fights. Most videos are recent boxing fights broadcast on the networks. As of 2015, HBO and Showtime have exclusive rights to most boxing fights and have shut down any websites illegally streaming fights. Both networks have also filed lawsuits against piracy websites that stream free boxing matches. HBO and Showtime do allow users to watch their exclusive boxing fights, but users must have paid subscriptions.

HBO offers subscriptions to the HBO NOW or HBO GO video streaming services. HBO GO is included for all users already subscribed to HBO through select TV providers. HBO NOW is available for users who subscribe to the service without a TV provider. Previous HBO boxing fights are available for online streaming; however, live boxing fights are not available. HBO usually airs live boxing fights on both services within hours of being broadcast.

Showtime offers subscriptions to the Showtime streaming service or Showtime Anytime. Both services provide viewers opportunities to watch some live Showtime programming, such as series premieres and live boxing fights. Previously aired Showtime boxing matches are also available to stream on demand. Both services are accessible on computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices.