What Is the Firing Order on a 4.6-Liter Ford Engine?

The firing order for a 4.6-liter Ford V-8 is 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8. On Ford V-8 engines, cylinder number 1 is at the front of the engine on the passenger side of the vehicle. Ford numbers the cylinders in sequential order from front to back of the engine, with numbers 1 through 4 on the passenger’s side and 5 through 8 on the driver’s side.

Ford’s introduction of the modular series of engines brought production of their popular Windsor engines to an end. With a smaller displacement, these engines offer more power and the smoothness to meet demands of the company’s top-line Lincoln Town Car. Wikipedia reports the use of the 4.6 engine in a variety of cars, trucks and vans. In trucks, Ford markets the modular engine as the Triton. In Lincolns, the company markets a DOHC version as the InTech. Production lines of this engine include two-, three- and four-valve versions. The Ford 4.6 L is no longer in production.

There are two major known issues with the modular Ford engines. The first deals with Ford’s use of DuPont nylon intake manifolds, which are known to crack and leak coolant. As of 2014, the replacement warranty for these manifolds due to a 2005 lawsuit has expired. The second issue includes missing spark plug threads and difficult-to-remove plugs, issues for which Ford also extends the warranty.