What Is a Fire and Ice Ball?

A fire and ice ball is a type of social gathering based on contrasting the themes of fire and ice. Bringing together elements of light and dark, good and evil, a fire and ice ball is a popular theme for charity events. Guests are encouraged to embrace duality and revel in the hot and cold atmosphere.

To throw a successful fire and ice ball, hosts should consider red and white when it comes to decorations. Create an ice effect with crystal accessories, or go all out with an ice sculpture centerpiece. Use red roses and flaming torches to set off the fiery side of the room in a warm glow. Extending the theme to the food, consider serving grilled foods side-by-side with cold foods. Don’t forget the entertainment; have the DJ stick to fire- and ice-inspired music to keep guests dancing all night.

When attending a fire and ice ball, allow the theme to guide your style of dress. Focus on combining hot colors like red and yellow with cool colors like white and light blue. Alternatively, consider going entirely in one direction. If you’re feeling hot, wear orange head-to toe. Feeling cold as ice? Try white, silver and sequins.