How Do You Do a Finisher in the “WWE Raw” PC Game?

To complete a finisher move in “WWE Raw” for PC, a player must press the “S” key and then repeatedly press the “S” and “A” keys simultaneously. Finisher moves on “WWE Raw” can only be activated after a player’s energy bar is completely full. To fill an energy bar in the game, a player must first hit his opponent a considerable number of times without taking any hits back.

Once the energy bar is full, it starts to blink. At this point, the player is able to activate the finisher. If a finisher is not working in “WWE Raw,” the player must take the extra step to force his opponent into a groggy state by doing extra damage to his opponent’s character whilst the energy bar is full. Grogginess in “WWE Raw” is identified as an on-screen character shaking uncontrollably. Skilled players learn to spot grogginess in their opponents as soon as it occurs to take full advantage of the slowed state.

Finisher moves vary greatly, and they are usually some of the most intense moments of any “WWE Raw” match. Using a finisher move in the game is difficult due to the large amount of damage that a player is required to deal in order to fill his character’s energy bar.