How Do You Fill Out a Same Name Affidavit Form?

Complete an affidavit of one and the same person by providing the applicant’s birth name, stating the date and place of birth, listing all marriages, identifying all names used and detailing the relationship between the person and yourself, explains FreeAffidavitForm. Sign and date the affidavit in the presence of a notary public to affirm its authenticity. Fill out an affidavit of one and the same name for a person you know intimately, such as a spouse or relative.

A same name affidavit, or affidavit of one and the same person, provides proof that someone who uses different names is actually the same person, according to RocketLawyer. Situations that call for this form include passport or job applications. Those who get married or divorced and those who choose to formally change their name but haven’t yet gone to a court to make it legal use an affidavit of one and the same person to provide evidence of their identity.

The U.S. Department of State requires an affidavit regarding a name change when a passport applicant uses a name that is substantially different from the name used on citizenship documents, states PassportsOnline. Applicants who have legally changed their name in a court or via marriage do not need the affidavit. A passport applicant who uses a different name than the one on their identification normally supplies three public documents that show sole use of the name for at least five years, but two name change affidavits may be used in place of one of these documents.