How Do You Fill Out a Car Title?

i love images/Cultura/Getty Images

When filling out a car title, you need the vehicle title, its identification number, the release of lien and a bill of sale. It is important to visit your local DMV a few weeks in advance and receive a list of the exact requirements for the title application.

  1. Fill in the vehicle information

    No matter the state in which you are applying for a car title, the first thing you must fill out is the vehicle identification number and the make of the car. States, such as New York, may require an odometer reading and a vehicle tax.

  2. Fill in the required information

    Next is the owner’s information: if it is bought new, the dealership will fill this out. For used cars, the owner fills out his name, ID number and full address. The new title holder must then fill out the same information. Finally, the cost and operation information including number of miles and date of purchase must be filled out as well.

  3. Sign and verify the application

    The owner double signs the application with both date and telephone number. It is important to look over the application after it is filled out, as it may be rejected for a single mistake.