How Do You File for Permanent Disability in California?

To file for disability in California if the person is injured on the job they will need to get a disability claim form, or DWC-1 sheet from their employer and fill out the form; once the form is filled out and submitted the person must see a doctor and the doctor will write down if permanent disability is needed. If the patient does not agree with the doctor’s opinion they can ask for a panel of three qualified medical examiners. They must pick one to see and then turn in that doctor’s results.

An agreed medical evaluator may be used if the claims administrator and the patient’s lawyer agree to have the doctor resolve the medical claim. The amount that the patient may get from their permanent disability is figured out by the following:

  • Date
  • Depending on when the accident occurs may contribute to an increase or decrease of the amount determined.

  • Impairment level
  • Percentages are used to express the impairment level.

  • Age and occupation
  • Depending on what the patient does for a living and how old they are can influence the amount that will be given.

Sexual dysfunction and sleep disorders will not accrue more money unless they were caused by the injury itself. The formula that will be calculated to determine how much disability benefits will be given is done by a judge or disability reviewer.