How Do You File a Florida Bar Association Complaint?

To file a complaint against a Florida attorney, after first trying to settle the issue with the attorney, contact the Florida Bar Association’s Attorney Consumer Assistance Program at 866-352-0707. If the issue remains unresolved after consulting with one of the FBA’s staff attorneys, then submit a Florida Bar Inquiry/Complaint Form.

The Florida Bar’s online pamphlet, “Inquiry Concerning a Florida Lawyer,” recommends that the client stay polite in a preliminary complaint letter to the attorney. First state the problem and suggest an action step the attorney could take to resolve it. Keep a copy as evidence of a good-faith effort to solve the issue.

Call the ACAP hotline if the problem persists, the Florida Bar Association recommends. ACAP staff discusses the matter with the client and provides a reference number for the call. ACAP may be able to provide further assistance by contacting the attorney. ACAP resolves about one-third of consumer issues this way before a complaint is filed, states the Florida Bar.

If working with ACAP doesn’t help, file the Inquiry/Complaint Form, FBA advises. Be sure to read the instructions and follow them closely and include the ACAP reference number. Send copies, not originals, of any documents included with the complaint, and keep a copy of the completed form.