How Do I Figure Out Percentages?

José Luis Gutiérrez/E+/Getty Images

A percentage is a math term that allows for a comparison of one amount in relation to another. Computing a percentage involves division and simple decimal conversion, according to Calculator Soup.

  1. Set up division formula

    Put the number of desired items or outcomes over the number of total possible outcomes. If a person makes five out of eight basketball shots, the formula is 5/8 or 5 divided by 8.

  2. Calculate the answer

    The answer to 5 divided by 8 in decimal form is 0.625.

  3. Multiply by 100

    To convert a decimal to a percentage, multiply it by 100. The result of 0.625 multiplied by 100 is 62.5; therefore, a person who makes five out of eight shots has a 62.5 percent success rate.