How Do I Figure Out the Lock Code for My Kyocera Phone?

This is no procedure to retrieve a forgotten lock code for a Kyocera phone. A factory reset releases the lock and is performed by powering down the phone and following a reset menu using hardware keys. All personal data stored in the phone’s memory is erased during a factory reset.

  1. Turn the handset off

    To power down the phone, press and hold the Power key. If the phone does not respond to the Power key, take out the battery. Leave the battery out for several seconds, then reinsert it.

  2. Hold down the Power key and the Volume Down button

    At the same time, press and hold the Power key and the Volume Down button on the phone. When the Android symbol appears, let go of the Power key while still holding the Volume Down key.

  3. Choose “wipe data” from the recovery menu

    When the recovery menu appears on the screen, let go of the Volume Down button briefly, then use it to scroll through the menu. Choose “wipe data/factory reset.”

  4. Confirm your choice to delete all data

    With “wipe data/factory reset” highlighted on the screen, use the Volume Down key to scroll to “yes, delete all user data.” Press the power key to confirm, and wait while the phone begins the reset.

  5. Choose “wipe cache partition”

    When the next menu appears, use the Volume Down key to choose “wipe cache partition,” and while highlighted, press the Power key.

  6. Select “reboot system now” from the menu

    Once the reset is complete, use the Power key to select “reboot system now” from the menu. Follow the startup menu to reset the phone.