Is Figurative Language Used in “Lord of the Flies”?

Erin Vermeulen/CC-BY-2.0

Examples of figurative language in the novel “Lord of the Flies” are when Ralph says that he makes decisions like how he plays chess and when Simon describes the dead sow’s eyes as “dim with the infinite cynicism of adult life.” Figurative language includes: metaphors, personifications, allusions, idioms and puns.

Figurative language is sometimes used to add depth and complexity to an image or description. Another instance in the novel of figurative language is when the twins, Sam and Eric, are describe as having “hair like tow” and “grinning and panting like dogs.” In these examples, similes are used to give the reader the impression that the twins’ hair was messy and they were behaving like animals as a means of illustrating how the boys’ civility was steadily disappearing.