Is Fiestaware Oven Safe?

Fiesta dinnerware is oven safe at temperatures as high as 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Fiesta’s bakeware can withstand temperatures as high at 500 degrees F. Fiestaware shouldn’t be placed directly above or below an open flame, and Fiestaware is safe to use in the microwave, freezer and the dishwasher.

The line was designed for the convenience of going from the oven to the table, the table to the dishwasher and even the microwave. Occasionally, gray marks may appear, especially on lighter colored dinnerware. The discoloration is caused by exposure to metal flatware. The markings can be cleaned by scrubbing the Fiesta dinnerware or bakeware with a product such as Bar Keepers Friend or a porcelain cleaner.

More than one half billion pieces of Fiesta have been produced since it was first introduced in 1936 at the Pittsburgh China and Glass Show. Frederick Hurten Rhead created this colorful array of dinnerware in 1927 for the Homer Laughlin China Company. Fiesta has come in 38 different colors, including the original green, yellow, blue, red and ivory. The colors shifted to pastels in the 1950s, brighter hues in the 1960s and earth tones in the late 1960s. The line retired in late 1973, but it was reintroduced in the late 1980s with a new lead-free glaze.