How Do I Know If My Fendi Bag Is Real?


A real Fendi bag has a serial number on its inside lining and the Fendi logo engraved onto all of its hardware, including the front buckle and the side buckets that are attached to the shoulder straps. Inside the bag, the Fendi logo is engraved on an interior logo plate, as well as on the zipper pull of the inside pocket.

Fendi bags made after 2004 have a hologram sticker on them. The hologram stickers are high quality, and they do not usually fall off the bag. Fake Fendi bags are often made with low-quality hologram stickers that are prone to falling off the bag.

The Fendi name has been significant in the fashion world since 1925. The French company began producing its Fendi Baguette Bag in 1997, and it has become a symbol of quality and style all over the world.

The Fendi Baguette was featured in the fashion-forward series “Sex and the City” as one of main character Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite accessories, and as of 2014, these bags have been spotted in the hands of stars such as Jessica Biel Timberlake.

Fendi bags are known for being expensive, but people who love fashion are often able to find less expensive versions by buying used bags.