What Are Features of Microsoft Publisher?

Features of Microsoft Publisher include uploading, storing and altering photographs, creating greeting and business cards and adding personal and professional detail to letters. Microsoft Publisher software from all years contains these basic features, although the layout and sync capacity of programs varies with software of different years. Newer programs, for instance, include compatibility with many Internet programs and even iPhones and smartphones.

Microsoft Publisher serves a similar purpose to Microsoft Word. Just as Microsoft Word features a user-friendly layout and offers support for writing, Microsoft Publisher offers a similar screen layout and comes with instructions and many tools for entry-level marketing and design. This program is available in sets for homes and businesses, and is a popular choice for small business owners using in-house marketing. Microsoft Publisher lets users import photographs, graphics, letters and other personal documents. Once uploaded, users alter the color, shading, borders, text and other features using Publisher’s tools. This program offers a set of standard tools that lets users experiment with contrasting colors, shades, size and more. It saves graphic images in high resolutions, making them appear polished and glossy. Microsoft Publisher gives users the option of using stored images from saved documents or altering images from websites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Mail merge and an email sharing center make sharing and sending finished products simple.