What Are Some Features of the DTE Home Protection Plan?

Features of the DTE Home Protection Plan include affordable coverage plan payment options, no additional charges for labor or parts, no trip charges or service fees, and on-call year-long customer service. DTE Energy also provides Home Protection Plans, which are designed specifically for appliances or plumbing.

The DTE Whole Home Protection Plan covers numerous appliances including furnaces, central air conditioning water heaters, refrigerators, washers and dryers. It also covers most plumbing repairs. DTE Whole Home Protection Plan customers can request service maintenance help, repair and replacement parts on any appliance that the DTE Plan covers. Customers need to pay a monthly fee in order to take advantage of the DTE Protection Plan.

The DTE Appliance Home Protection Plan is specifically designed to focus on giving customers warranty-like protection for their home appliances, at a cheaper monthly cost than the DTE Whole Home Protection Plan. DTE Energy screens all of the service and repair technicians who provide services under the plan.

The DTE Plumbing Home Protection Plan covers most housing plumbing repair problems that have to do with toilets, faucets, water lines and many more. The plan also grants qualified customers a monthly payment options option, as well as sump pump coverage if desired.