What Is the Fate of Wednesday’s Child in the Famous Poem?


According to About.com, the fate of the children born on Wednesday in the poem “Monday’s Child” is that the child is full of woe. This poem was first written in 1838, but it is not believed that people ever really put much stock into its predictions.

“Monday’s Child” says that children who are born on Monday are fair of face. Children who are born on Tuesday are full of grace. Those who are born on Wednesday are full of woe, and those born on Thursday have far to go. The kids born on Friday are loving and giving, but those who are born on Saturday work hard to make a living.

In “Monday’s Child,” the poem refers to Sunday as the Sabbath Day. This is because Sunday is traditionally referred to as the Sabbath Day in Christianity. Children who are born on the Sabbath Day turn out to be “bonny and blithe, and good and gay.” The whole reason why the poem was even created was to come up with an easy way to teach children the days of the week. This is because teachers believed that children learn and retain information better when what they are learning is turned into a song.