What Are Some Famous Works of Vicente Manansala?

Vicente Manansala was a Filipino artist who was one of the pioneers of cubism. He was best known for works including “Madonna of the Slums” from 1950 and “Jeepneys” from 1967.

The first award Manansala received was for “Pounding Rice” in 1941. He won many awards from the Art Association of the Philippines for his work, including for his paintings “Banaklaot,” “Barong-Barong Number 1” and “Give Us This Day.” His artwork focuses on social and environmental factors. “Jeepneys” calls attention to the overcrowding of city streets, while “Madonna of the Slums” depicts the harsh realities of Filipino life and poverty after World War II.

Manansala is also known for over a dozen mural paintings. His first mural, painted for the University of the Philippines Chapel of Holy Sacrifice, was started in 1957. The mural is titled “Way of the Cross.” Other murals can be found in several locations in the Philippines, including the Philippine Heart Center, the National Press Club and the University of the Philippines Arts and Science lobby. Although many of his paintings were done with oil paint, Manansala also worked in water color and charcoal. In addition, he served as a professor at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas.