Who Are Some Famous Former Players for the Dallas Cowboys?

Some of the most famous Dallas Cowboys players include Bill Bates, Terrell Owens, Walt Garrison, Tony Dorsett, Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach. The Dallas Cowboys joined the NFL in 1960, and since then has produced some of the most popular players in the NFL.

Bill Bates spent his entire 15-year football career with the Cowboys. Bates was always known for doing his homework and being one of the hardest-working players in the NFL.

Terrell Owens only spent three seasons with the Cowboys, but in that short time, he helped lead the team to victory during the playoffs of the 2006-2007 season.

Walt Garrison joined the Cowboys in 1969 and is credited with being a driving force during that season. He played a major role in the Cowboys winning Super Bowl VI.

Tony Dorsett joined the Cowboys in 1977 and played for the team for 11 seasons. During his time with the team, he rushed a total of 12,739 yards, scored 72 touchdowns and caught an impressive 382 passes.

Michael Irvin is considered one of the best wide receivers in football thanks to his 75 touchdowns and 750 pass completions. His nickname was the “Playmaker.”

Troy Aikman became a Cowboy in 1989 and went on to pass more than 32,000 yards during his career. He was the quarterback for the team during three Super Bowl championships and retired as the franchise leader after 12 seasons.

Roger Staubach is perhaps the best, most popular player in Cowboys history. He retired with a quarterback rating of 83.4 and led the Cowboys to two Super Bowl wins.

Other popular Cowboys players include, Emmitt Smith, Randy White and Jason Witten.