Who Are Some Famous Filipino Sculptors and What Are Some of Their Works?

Some famous Filipino sculptors are Rey Paz Contreras, Eduardo Castrillo, Solomon Saprid and Napoleon Abueva. A work by Napoleon Abueva, titled “The Sculpture,” has been on display in the United Nations headquarters.

Napoleon Abueva is considered the “Father of Modern Philippine Sculpture” and has been honored with the distinction of National Artist for Sculpture. Abueva’s works include “Kaganapan,” “Kiss of Judas” and “Thirty Pieces of Silver.”

Eduardo Castrillo’s works include “Fate of the Oppressed” and “The Redemption.” A sculpture titled “The Trees,” by Rey Paz Contreras, is a permanent sculpture located at the Bonifacio Global City in Manila. Solomon Saprid is the sculptor of the famous “Tikbalang” piece.