What Are Famous Beam Bridges Around the World?

One of the most famous beam bridges in the United States is the Manchac Swamp Bridge in Louisiana. It cost approximately $7 million to complete each mile of the bridge, according to USA Today.

The Manchac Swamp Bridge is the second-longest water bridge in the world. The bridge supposedly spans a swamp haunted by a Cajun werewolf and a voodoo princess. More than 2,000 drivers cross the Manchac Swamp Bridge each day, according to Atlas Obscura.

The Albert Bridge and Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge are other examples of bream bridges. The Albert Bridge in London was named after Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Following World War II, central supports were added to the bridge so it could accommodate increased traffic flow.

The Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge opened in 1953. This bridge, which is part of the Appalachian trail, carries Interstate 80 over the Delaware River and connects Pennsylvania with New Jersey. Once a driver crosses the bridge from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, the interstate eventually connects with the George Washington Bridge into New York City. The Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge is made of steel plates and is 2,465 feet long, according to the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission.