Are Falken Tires As Good As Michelin Tires?

Falken tires are not as highly rated as Michelin tires, according to Consumer Reports. Michelin is rated as the best tire brand in the site’s 2015 ranking of tire brands, while Falken does not rank among the top five tire manufacturers.

Michelin produces several tires regarded highly by Consumer Reports and other reviewers, including the high-performance Pilot Sport A/S 3 and the all-season Michelin Defender lines. The combination of grip, handling and long-term durability of Michelin tires and the overall number of well-reviewed Michelin tires made for various applications and vehicles led to the company’s top ranking. However, Michelin tires are often more expensive than those made by other companies.

Tires produced by Falken typically have excellent grip and handling characteristics under normal driving conditions and are often attractively priced for the performance on offer. However, the overall durability and performance of Falken tires is often not as high as that of comparable Michelin models. Rapid tread wear compared to most other brands is also a common issue with Falken tires. In addition, while Falken tires perform well under dry conditions, both Consumer Reports and individual owners report relatively poor traction when the tires are used on wet or snowy roads.