What Is Falcon Ware Pottery?

Falcon Ware is a popular brand of pottery founded by Thomas Lawrence in England and produced between 1885 and 1964. Collectors seek out these pieces because of their beauty and unique designs.

Falcon Ware pieces include jugs, vases and urns, all with detailed designs and patterns. It is possible to identify some Falcon Ware pieces by looking for the maker’s mark on the bottom of each piece. Some marks from the 1920s and 1930s include the company founder’s name “T. Lawrence.” Other marks include a depiction of a falcon or a painter’s palette. The earliest pieces were not marked at all.

Interestingly, there was more than one type of Falcon Ware produced in England. Royal Falcon Ware was produced by J. H. Weatherby and Sons from 1891 until 2000. This line of Falcon Ware often had ornate depictions of wildlife and nature scenes. Identifying marks for this brand of pottery usually included a Union Jack flag or a royal crown. The oldest pieces feature a mark that references the city of Tunstall, where the pieces were made. Only Royal Falcon Ware pieces produced in 1891 will have this mark, as the company moved its production facilities in the following year.

A third type of Falcon Ware is Falcon Enamelware, which is also produced in England. This enamelware is easily identified by its iconic white pieces featuring a bold blue band of color on the edges. Falcon Enamelware was founded in the 1920s and is still being produced as of 2014.